MSI Modern and Prestige: Refreshing Productivity Centric Laptops with Finesse and Power

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Laptops have generally always been dressed in the same dungarees, and nowadays it’s a necessary step to make the next generation of laptops stand out and, more importantly, perform. The performance of central notebooks is in some ways unsatisfactory due to the lack of power and performance due to their thin and light profile. Those days are over, because with the new Intel processors of the 11. With a third generation CPU, combined with Iris Xe or even NVIDIA GeForce GTX, all this is possible in a small form factor. Say hello to the new MSI Modern and Prestige.

Modern MSI

The MSI Modern is designed for those who want a highly productive laptop with a color scheme that suits their personality. It is available in 5 different colours – for the modern 15 in carbon grey and urban silver, for the modern 14 in blue, foam beige and carbon grey. Both notebooks have a very nice 16.9 mm profile and the Modern 14 weighs 1.3 kg and the Modern 15 1.6 kg. As the saying goes, the thinner the laptop, the more fragile it is. But that’s not the point, because it’s MIL-STD-810G certified.

As soon as you open the lid, you are greeted by a display with MSI True Color technology, which offers 100% sRGB color space for closing. You can choose between 15.6 inch and 14 inch screens, depending on your taste.

Under the bonnet are specification improvements that not only meet current standards, but also keep pace with future requirements. Let’s start with the processor: The laptop is equipped with the latest 11th generation Intel Core processors. It is powered by a new generation of CPUs, offering up to 20% more performance than the previous generation, with turbo clock speeds up to 4.7 GHz. In addition, the new Iris Xe is a much better graphics solution for ultrabooks than older UHD graphics. If that’s not enough for you and you want a little more power to continue, well, you are well served with the NVIDIA GeForce MX450.

The specification only offers good things like PCIe Gen 4 SSD slots and 4 Thunderbolt ports for faster data transfer and higher throughput. Wi-Fi 5 is outdated and the laptop is now equipped with the latest version of Wi-Fi 6, based on the 802.11ax offering, which is 3x faster. Furthermore, the MSI Modern offers an impressive 10 hours of battery life, and even if you forget to charge it at home, you don’t have to worry, because it allows you to charge quickly.

MSI Prestige

With the Prestige there is something more that distinguishes it from the Modern one. For those who are serious and have the characteristics of cream under the slim chassis, and not surprisingly, the MSI Prestige is available in two different variants – the 15 which has two colours – Urban Silver and Carbon Gray and the 14 which has three colours – Carbon Gray, Pure White and Pink Pink. Your notebook’s high-quality display is a UHD panel with vibrant colors and sharp 4K True Pixel images.

Like the previous Prestige we discussed here, the new Prestige focuses on creating content on a thin and lightweight device – combined with Intel’s latest 11th generation Core processor. One generation and choice of the GPU – either Iris Xe or, better still, a current GTX 1650 under the bonnet with 4GB GDDR6. But there’s a noticeable difference between the Modern and the Prestige, because the Prestige has a version powered by the core processor – an Intel Evo processor. A specially selected processor that provides faster start-up time, impressive speed and longer battery life.

In addition, the Prestige has something more to make your working day a little easier – namely a UHS-III microSD card slot and a long battery life of 16 hours on the Prestige 15 and 10 hours on the Prestige 14. It also has advanced security features such as a fingerprint sensor and an infrared video camera to make connection easier and provide extra protection against data falling into the wrong hands.

These laptops are now on the market, and it’s worth thinking about because MSI took the time to create two different series for end users. In this way the consumer not only has the number of choices on a silver platter, but he also chooses what he needs. Both the Modern and Prestige have been given a makeover, including a new MSI logo that gives them the commercial look they deserve. Or maybe the next laptop is just a powerful device with a bang.

This product is offered to you by MSI Malaysia.

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