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We all love free stuff and 1337x is the ultimate online destination for free digital content. This site offers free books, movies, TV shows, music, smartphone applications, software, games and documentaries. Everything you can share online is available for free on 1337x! This site is unique because it even offers content that was published years ago. When loading equipment at 1337x, you only need to consider the number of seeders for each file.

The scheduler is the person who has already downloaded that particular file. They will then act directly as a server for you and allow you to download data faster. The more seed drills a file has, the faster it can be loaded. Because of its ability to deliver content in this way, 1337x is considered a torrent site. The 1337x is banned in many countries because it allows you to watch new movies and music for free. However, you can still access it via a proxy or mirror site. We searched the internet and found the best 1337x proxies, alternatives and mirror sites for you.

Best proxy/mirror pages 1337x

The 1337x website was created by a team of unknown computer experts to offer free digital content such as applications, software, games, multimedia and books. Unfortunately, the site has been closed down by the law enforcement agencies due to copyright infringement. Fortunately, the developers of 1337x survived and, with the help of volunteers, started creating proxy sites that gave users direct access to their real and original database.

These sites are also called mirrors and allow users to use the same services as those available on the original site. You need a virtual private network (VPN) to access these proxy sites. Here are the official proxy/mirror 1337x pages created for you by the development team:

  • to – Working with power of attorney 1337x
  • it’s a 1337x proxy.
  • EU – Proxy 1337x
  • st – 1337x proxy mirror
  • ws – 1337x proxy running
  • se -1337x Power of attorney / mirror

In order to increase accessibility, the volunteers made many more proxies and hid them behind mirror pages accessible via classic URLs (Universal Resource Locators). Here are these mirrors and their respective URLs for you:

1337x URL of the proxy/mirror website

https://1337× https://1337× 1337x.immunity.

Use of a VPN to access proxy sites 1337x

To access these proxies and mirror sites you must use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN hides your original Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is the identification of your computer when you surf the Internet. Law enforcement and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can track you using your IP address.

Contrary to popular belief, activating a private browser window in your browser does not hide your IP address. This only prevents the browser from registering your online activities. So you need to use a VPN to access the 1337x proxy.

Since these proxy servers and mirrors distribute copyright-protected content, they are only available via the Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is for your safety and that of the developers of the 1337x proxy. Would you like to download content from 1337x proxies or mirror sites? That’s how you do it.

  1. Download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for free or for a small fee.
  2. Then add it as a plugin to your browser and activate it.
  • Set it to activate each time you start your browser.
  1. Restart your browser and go to the 1337x proxy or mirror site of your choice.

Best alternative websites for 1337x proxy for you

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

It is one of the most amazing and reliable torrent download sites on the World Wide Web (www). Also with its own proxy and mirror sites, this site offers free movies, TV episodes, music, software, games, publications and much more. Millions of people visit the Pirate Bay to download content. This torrent site offers users ultra-fast download speeds, so you can get lots of multimedia content for free. This site also makes it possible to sow in order to further increase the download possibilities. It is a fantastic alternative to 1337x.

Pinky Torrents

The KickAss rapids

It’s another dynamic alternative to the 1337x where you can get free videos, movies, cartoons, software and smart device applications. With KickAss Torrents, you can download these digital media through a user-friendly interface. It enables transmission and is accessible via any type of VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. Для универсального доступа KickAss Torrents также содержит прокси и зеркальные сайты. This makes it a good alternative to 1337x Proxy.

Torrent downloads

If you go to, it’s another great site to download free videos, music, games, applications or books. This alternative to the 1337x Proxy distinguishes itself by the fact that it contains an extensive content database for every conceivable category. Like all other torrent download centers, this site is protected by proxies and mirror sites. You must therefore have a virtual private network (VPN) to view the content.


We can’t talk about free downloads without Torrentz2. It is an alternative 1337x site because it gives direct and free access to movies, music albums, television programs, publications and others. When you visit in your browser, you have access to an advanced search engine for other torrent sites. Torrentz2 offers results from hundreds of sites and has proven to be one of the most powerful and efficient free download sites available today.

How do I download the content of proxy 1337x?

At first glance you will notice that downloading the content of the 1337x proxy is very easy. Follow these instructions to achieve this goal and enjoy free entertainment:

  • The first step is to download bittorrent. This application is available for free on the homepage. When downloading, choose a version that is compatible with your computer system. Once the download is complete, install the software on your computer. Indicate during the installation process that it should be integrated into the browser of your choice. This is very important for a smooth download with the 1337x proxy.
  • Start your Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is a security measure that masks the IP address of your smartphone or tablet computer. This prevents your employer, your Internet service provider or law enforcement agency from following you. Make sure your VPN is active by identifying your local IP address with a terminal, locating your proxy address with an online search service and then comparing it. If they’re different, you can go to the next step.
  • Start a browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. For maximum security, you should start a private browsing session, so that your cookies and browsing history are deleted when you turn off your browser after the download session is complete. Make sure that the download function is also active in a window!
  • Paste into the address bar of your browser and press Enter.
  • The page opens quickly and the first thing you notice is the long search bar.
  • Continue entering the content you want to download, e.g. B. Movies, games, books, documentaries, music, images or software applications. Once you have entered this information, press Enter. It is important to note that the website also contains some active links with descriptive shortcuts that allow direct access to this multimedia content for quick downloads.
  • Some search results are displayed below the search bar in a long list of links. They indicate the copies of the file you are looking for. Each link contains a description that contains the name, size and landing properties of the file. Follow the link you want here.
  • This will open a new page with a more detailed description of the file and a magnetic icon. Click on this icon to start the download.
  • The page shows a dialog box with two options : Open bittorrent and cancel
  • Enable the Open Bittorrent option to automatically activate the previously defined bit torrent call. The application will start, and if so, click the OK button to make the download run smoothly.
  • Once the download is complete, you can view your file in the Downloads folder.

The Bit Torrents software allows you to pause, delete, send and resume downloads. With this software you can also define the exact folder in which you want to save your downloads. It is fully equipped with features that ensure efficient operation when interacting with the 1337x proxy.

Benefits of using a 1337x proxy

Free entertainment content

The biggest advantage of using 1337x Proxy is the free multimedia content you get. This large web directory contains movies, TV episodes, software, music, documentaries, mobile applications, operating systems, books, magazines and much more – for free! The site even has a built-in search engine that supports your search and searches millions of files to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The content is always updated, so you can be sure you get the latest version of everything you’re looking for. So you can get the latest movies, TV series or music here at 1337x. It is the Internet’s one-stop-shop for free stuff, making it an authority on entertainment.

Secure access

The material in 1337x regularly infringes copyright, but it benefits millions of users worldwide. Therefore, the site requires you to use a VPN to hide your IP address. This prevents you from being tracked by ISPs or law enforcement agencies. In other words, the 1337x power of attorney is also protected. In addition, this fantastic entertainment treasure also makes use of proxies that allow many hidden methods of direct access. As a result, this site provides secure access that protects both you and the developers and participants.

Seed capacity

After downloading the content of the 1337x proxy, you can choose to send it. This allows you to make your processing options available on the site so that others can download the same content more easily. Figuratively speaking, your computer becomes a remote server. Seeding is a unique collaboration between 1337x proxy members to speed up the downloading of information from this site. This connection uses the P2P network infrastructure to operate the system. This is an innovative concept that makes the exchange of data much faster and easier.

Mirror sides

Initially, the 1337x power of attorney had a personality problem that made it vulnerable to threats such as law enforcement. In its original form it had a unique website and a unique database. A first attempt to dismantle the site proved unsuccessful, making it virtually impossible for users to access the site. After the recovery, the developers created dozens of mirror pages that provided access to the site in multiple ways. These mirror pages have unique URLs that refer to different proxies. So if one of the mirror sites fails, there are many others to take over. This is an advanced framework that guarantees direct access to the files in the 1337x proxy.

Integration of torrents

The 1337x website works in collaboration with Bit Torrents. You need to use a torrent program to download a 1337x file. This is why 1337x is often considered by users as a torrent site. This integration makes it possible to quickly download content by pressing the magnetic icon. You can also pause or speed up the download speed depending on your preference. By associating yourself with the 1337x proxy website and the torrent software, you will benefit from an exceptional user experience!

How the 1337x became a successful file exchange after the first capture

In just a few short years, the popularity of sharing torrent files on the Internet has grown like wildfire. Users discovered high quality free download sites like 1337x and started getting sources of music, movies, TV shows, software and more from this site. The best thing was that they could get the most recent content, regardless of the copyright laws that apply to these files.

Every day the number of visitors has grown from thousands to millions! 1337x has gradually improved to provide a better user experience and eventually became one of the leading providers of free content. After the meteoric rise, a group of dissatisfied media directors asked the FBI to close the site, and that is exactly what happened in 2016.

The developers of 1337x have survived, have evolved and have resumed their efforts to bring us the version that we enjoy today. This is only part of the history of the 1337x proxy, but the real reason for this great site starts long before that. We go back in time to find out how the torrent industry came into being and how the 1337x fits into this high-tech network of online file sharing.

The early disappearance of Megaupload and the emergence of a new file sharing industry

Mega Tax growth

At the beginning of the new millennium, from 2005 to 2012, the first free content site was The website was owned by Megaupload Ltd, a Hong Kong based company whose official mission was to provide browsing and file storage services. was owned by the legendary computer genius and activist Kim Dot Com. It is supported by the financial guru Finn Batato to offer free file sharing services worldwide.

Megaupload was a hit! It was the first website to introduce the idea of P2P file sharing, where each computer connected to the network acts as a server, providing processing power and bandwidth for faster file downloads for users. So the idea to sow was born, and it was beautiful because you could download huge files in seconds! Kim Dotcom and her team of 155 professionals have created a computer phenomenon that crushes the Internet!

The audience grew from a few hundred to 50 million viewers a day! Due to its popularity, regularly attracts 4% of Internet users. It has 180 million active members and was once the 13th most popular website on the World Wide Web (www). Kim Dot Com has even provided special software called Mega Manager to help users download or upload content.

This small but nice software contains a link checker and some options to manage downloaded files. This small software also allowed users to communicate with the Megaupload online controller. This is what inspired the modern download utility Torrents. generated HK $175 million in revenue and made Kim Dot Kom and his co-founders millionaires. They have become heroes of free content and have benefited from a large audience on the internet.


In January 2011 an article was published entitled Verkeersbericht: Hacking and Counterfeiting Online was published by Mark Monitor. The report shows that Megaupload, Megavideo and Rapidshare are the top three in the fight against digital piracy, as they collectively receive up to 21 billion hits per year. That was the beginning of the end. Despite strong denials from Kim Dot Com and her lawyers, Megaupload started blocking worldwide because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) did not want to be involved in an investigation into possible copyright infringement.

Malaysian ISPs blocked on the 9th. In June 2011 and the following month the site in India was blocked. The 19th. In January 2012, Virginia’s federal prosecutors closed and filed a lawsuit against Kim Dot Kom and her co-workers at the same time. The main accusation in the court case was the violation of the provisions of the Copyright Act.

The website was shut down immediately and the U.S. Department of Justice tracked down the founders as criminals. The next day, Hong Kong Customs froze assets worth over 300 million Hong Kong dollars. At that time, Kim Dot Kom fled to New Zealand and rented a $30 million mansion for him and his team in the city of Auckland, beyond the reach of American researchers.

Nevertheless, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has requested the extradition of Kim Dot Kom and her associates to the United States for money laundering and extortion. The New Zealand police did and he was arrested on the 20th. January 2012 arrested and charged by a New Zealand court. Three years later, on the 23rd. In December, Kim Dot Kom and her compatriots were extradited to the United States to be sued for copyright infringement. As he lost his freedom, Kim Dot Com inspired a new wave of file-sharing sites and a culture of freedom on the Internet that no one had ever heard of.

Pinky Torrents

Na de sluiting van nam KickAss Torrents over. This was another file-sharing site that used the same P2P network model as Kim Dot Com. However, KickAss Torrents has improved it by using features such as a built-in search engine and a brand new download and file management software, simply called torrents.

The developers of KickAss Torrents remain anonymous and are unknown to anyone. They are very innovative and had the idea to create mirror sites that make it possible to keep working even when the main site is no longer in use. The original mirror site of the KickAss torrents was simply known as Torrentz. It offers an alternative for users in case ISPs close or reduce the bandwidth of the original site. KickAss Torrents survived from 2012 to 2019, when it was gradually replaced by the high-tech file-sharing site

What makes effective?

Many features make the 1337x proxy site so effective in providing file sharing services while avoiding the inconvenience of forced closure. This file-sharing site has survived numerous attacks to drop it, and it is still active while it gets even more powerful. After extensive research, we have established that these properties are among others:

VPN access is recommended

1337x users are always advised to use VPN protection when trying to access this site for file sharing. By following these guidelines, users avoid being followed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or government agencies. A VPN masks your IP address to protect your identity, your location and your online activities. Users are always advised to use 1337x a free or paid VPN service when accessing this online file repository. This protects the identity of both the users and the developers of the website.

Dozens of mirror pages

The mirror site provides access to the database when the original site is not available. It is like a digital tailgate that can be used when the front door is closed. There are dozens of mirror sites in 1337x that give their users access to these sites in case the main site fails. If the main site is closed by the authorities, the mirror sites can give users direct access. We have provided you with links to these mirror sites above. Таким образом, вы знаете, как получить доступ к 1337x в случае, если его основной URL не работает. This backup strategy is one of the features that make the 1337x so reliable.

Developer Anonymity

Even today nobody knows the designers of the 1337x and they love it. By remaining anonymous, these developers can remain active until law enforcement finds out who they are. The biggest problem Kim Dot Kom had to deal with was the authorities’ knowledge of her character, which eventually led to her demise. The innovative engineers behind the 1337x take no risks and therefore remain anonymous. Although they regularly publish events on the website, they never sign their name or address.

Integration with torrentsSoftware

Following in the footsteps of Kim Dot Com’s Megaupload worksheet, 1337x also implements the Torrents program to help users download or upload content. The software is available for free on the official torrents website and is seamlessly linked to This enhances the user experience and ensures the superiority of the 1337x as a file-sharing site.

No public information

It’s another trick that uses the 1337x to stay anonymous and work. Their website is not registered under the company name and their developers are unknown. The host of the site is not mentioned and there is no public information on the site on the Internet. In this way, the veil of secrecy remains around the foundation and the website can continue to function.

Some excellent VPN (Virtual Private Network) software for access to 1337x proxies

There are many types of VPN software that you can use to access the 1337x file-sharing website. Some are paid, some are completely free. We have put together some very effective VPN programs that you can use for this purpose:


This is the best VPN you can use to access NordVPN is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware that can bypass all digital geographical barriers to provide direct access to the 1337x proxy from anywhere in the world. This VPN is so powerful that it even works in strict countries like China.

NordVPN supports torrent downloads by offering fast servers running on a P2P network architecture. This VPN performs active advertisement blocking, offers a double VPN, offers Onion Over VPN and even has double VPN capabilities.

This VPN is ideal for accessing the 1337x because it does not restrict your bandwidth in any way. It offers high throughput for flawless downloads. It also provides connection security with 256-bit encryption, active malware protection and an emergency switch. Thanks to this VPN, you can benefit from complete anonymity because it works outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance.

Some excellent Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to access the 1337x proxy

The NordVPN is compatible with all mainframe and smart device operating systems, so you can install it on your computer and visit the 1337x. This kind of protection comes at a price and FNVPN is very affordable. You even benefit from a one month money back guarantee!


If you want to download a large amount of data from a 1337x proxy, you need to use ProtonVPN. This great VPN offers free unlimited access to the data! The VPN has no advertising and is very user-friendly. The free version is also important because it allows you to use servers in Japan, the United States and the Netherlands. It has a unique feature called Autoconnect that connects you directly to the nearest and fastest server available. In this way, your personal surfing on the Internet is very comfortable.

ProtonVPN operates from Switzerland, so your data is protected by the strict Swiss data protection laws. According to these rules, your Internet access activity may not be registered by the company or disclosed to third parties, including law enforcement agencies. Thanks to the free servers, you can bypass geographical locks and censorship. ProtonVPN is therefore an ideal VPN to access a 1337x proxy and to download content on demand. This software is compatible with all major operating systems.

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is an excellent VPN that you can use to download content from a 1337x proxy. It is particularly suitable for multimedia browsing, streaming or downloading. This VPN has a simple and intuitive user interface. It also offers 10 GB of free data per month, which can be used to download content. This makes it perfect for getting movies, music and software from the 1337x Proxy.

You can rest assured that your data is well protected when using Windscribe VPN because it uses AES encryption for all connections. The free version of this VPN offers servers located in 10 countries, making it easy to make secure connections to

The Company has a non-registration policy so that all of your information is protected and cannot be shared with third parties. In addition, technologies such as gate routing and split tunneling are used to further increase operating speed. Windscribe’s VPN is compatible with all types of operating systems and can be installed on smart devices as well as computers. The paid version gives access to hundreds of servers, enabling a faster connection.

Hot Spot Screen

The most user-friendly VPN you can use is Hotspot Shield, because it provides 15 GB of free data every month. This great VPN has an automatic login feature that automatically connects you to the fastest server available. It also has a user-centric interface that can be manipulated when switching to for digital security.

One of the great features of Hotspot Shield is the support of P2P networks, which helps you restore your downloads in case of a sudden connection failure. The technical assistants on the back react very quickly to requests for assistance and provide the help you need within minutes. This VPN is compatible with all types of smartphones and computer operating systems. The free version includes access to a virtual site in the United States, while the paid version offers connectivity to over 3200 servers in 70 different countries.

Hide me

With a new and clear name, the VPN is a great way to hide your IP address and connect to Thanks to this digital blackout system, you get 10 GB of data every month for free. It has free access to servers in four different geographical locations, including Canada, the Netherlands and the western and eastern United States. VPN uses strong encryption and various protocols are available. offers a high-speed connection, allowing you to download and send files at lightning speed. It also includes advertising blockers and fractional tunnel services. With you can connect to the 1337x proxy and download any content. This VPN torrent is easy to use so that your activities run smoothly.


The 1337x website is the ideal online centre for free multimedia content. Here you can download free music, movies, TV episodes, smartphone applications, computer programs, games, books, documentaries and reports. builds on the P2P network architecture proven on previous file-sharing networks such as and KickAss Torrents. The developers are competent, attentive and always on their guard. That’s why they provide the mirrors and powers of attorney described above. If you’re looking for free entertainment, make 1337x Proxy your one-stop-shop!

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