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Originally published on 19. November 2020 at 8:02.

Windows 10 has a range of features and settings that help you manage your work and adjust your computer’s behavior. As computers become increasingly personal over time, there are many ways to protect your information and prevent others from accessing it. One of these options is self-closing, which is good, but can sometimes be boring.

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Some users don’t like to use it because it can interfere with their work. Imagine looking at the screen, thinking of a few places, and suddenly the automatic lock is activated. You can disable or better manage the automatic locking in Windows 10.

Let’s see how it goes.


The automatic locking feature prevents unauthorized access to your computer, protecting your personal files and other data while you’re away. Although you can lock your computer manually (press Windows+L), it’s easy to forget this when you leave your computer. Here comes the automatic locking system.

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Depending on the set timer, the screen is turned off and the computer is locked. The only way to unlock it is to enter the set password or PIN code. It’s a nice concept that I like to use on my laptop all the time. I’m a little paranoid about privacy and security. It’s the fault of all the hacking news I read these days.


As mentioned earlier, you must use the automatic locking feature on your Windows 10 computer to protect you from unauthorized access. Anyone can steal your data and sell or use it against you, or install unwanted software, malware or spyware.

Some people have the unfortunate habit of invading the privacy of others. Automatic blocking can prevent this to a certain extent. It also saves energy, which is especially useful when the laptop runs on batteries.

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There are several reasons to deactivate the automatic lock. For example, you live alone and no one has access to your computer. Maybe your office is always locked when you’re not home. And you trust that your partner won’t have access to your computer without your permission. In this case, regular locking and unlocking of the computer can be problematic.

In particular, you can configure Windows to display upcoming calendar events, weather reports, unread e-mails and other important information on the lock screen. It’s not just beautiful wallpaper anymore.


Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Customize. You can also access it from the settings by pressing Windows+I and clicking Customize.

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Click on the Time settings button in the window of the lock on the left.

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There are two possibilities. One is the screen and the other is sleep. Select Never for both Battery, Off Na and When Connected, Off Na options.

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The computer never turns off, does not lock the screen, and does not hibernate. This only happens if the monitor is turned off and the computer goes into sleep mode when the automatic locking function is enabled.


If the above solution does not work for you, there are two hacks to implement these settings in Windows 10. Registry hacks are better suited for Windows Home Edition, while group policies are better suited for Windows Pro.

In the Windows search menu, type the command regedit in the Start menu. Go to the next folder structure:


Right-click on the Windows folder and select Keys under New.

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Give this new Personalization button a name. Right click on this new key file and select the DWORD value (32-bit) under New.

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Call this file NoLockScreen. Now double click on this DWORD file to open it and type 1 in the Value data field.

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Go to the group policy tip, search gpedit.msc in the Start menu and open it. Go to the following folder – Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Customization.

Double-click the file on the Don’t Show Lock screen to open it.

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In the Enabled pop-up box, select Apply to save the changes.

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That’s right, folks.


Instead of setting the Screen and Hibernate parameter to Never, as we did above, set it to a number that is convenient for you. You can always adjust this later, for the ideal point. I set it to Never when it’s connected and to 10 minutes when it’s on. My laptop is always connected when I work from home because I don’t have to worry about unauthorized access.

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Of course it can be different for you, depending on where you live and work. The other important setting is the battery or power setting, which allows you to control the sleep and sleep modes. If you use a combination of the two, you can make a plan that suits you.


The automatic locking function is quite good, and depending on the working environment it can be very useful. However, if you want to disable the automatic lock, there are several ways to do so. If the settings do not work, try the trick in the Registry Editor and the Group Policy Editor. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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