11 Best and Simple Firertc alternatives in 2020

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In the United States, telephone charges are high. For those who want to take advantage of free calls to the United States, Firetalk has been a blessing. This application has been developed by Icehook Systems and enables you to make multiple toll free calls and unlimited calls to toll free numbers in the United States. You can easily make these calls from your laptop without too much setup procedure.

It is easy to use and perfect for official needs, with features such as voice recording. It is one of the most popular voice calling applications in the United States. But right now, Fireertc doesn’t accept new users, so people are looking for alternatives. And here’s a list of free Firertc alternatives you can use to enjoy free calls.

11 Best fire protection alternatives

1. Skype

Skype is one of the best alternatives to Firertc. It includes amazing features such as text messages, phone calls and video calls. Skype also offers the possibility to record audio and video calls. It is one of the preferred applications for official calls and conferences. Skype works on almost all operating systems and is ideal for making international calls from laptops.

2. Google Voice

This is the best alternative to Firertc. The application is free and allows you to call in an organized way. You can use it as a web application or download it to your smartphone. The application is available for both personal and business use, and users can specify a destination when registering for additional benefits.

3. Message

Hangouts is another Google product suitable for calls from laptops. You can register for Hangouts not only on laptops, but also on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPads. The meeting places are also perfect for videoconferencing or group video calls. It is easy to use and easily accessible. You can also share files on the Hangouts and keep files and text messages organized. However, you must log on to Google Voice to use the call functions.

4. What is

Whatsapp is a popular messaging application with several million users worldwide. With this application you can also stay connected via audio and video calls. You can access the application from any device and make unlimited calls only with an internet connection. Whatsapp also offers group video calling and end-to-end message encryption to protect all your data.

5. Telegram

Telegram started as a messaging application. But now it also includes audio and video calls. This makes the Telegram an ideal alternative to the Firertc. You can now make video calls in parallel with other files without disconnecting. The telegram is also available on various devices that you can synchronize and use to ensure that you are always connected.

6. Zoiper

Zoiper works almost as well as Fireertc. Zoiper is an application that you can download to your laptops and smart gadgets to make free VoIP calls with softphones. The application is free of charge and is made for non-commercial purposes. To use this application, you need a device from which you can access the application, an active and fast Internet connection, and a VoIP service provider.

7. Lull

If you are looking for an alternative to Firertc for official purposes, most people recommend Slabina. It is a safer alternative to regular mail. You can form commands to exchange files, information and texts in real time to keep you informed. You can easily access your history files and make audio and video calls to bring your team closer together as you work.

8. Wire

Wire is an open source application that allows you to stay in touch with your peer group. All your data on Wire is protected by end-to-end encryption. You can not only exchange text messages, but also make all file formats and audio and video calls. Your account can be synchronized to access from different devices.

9. Signal

Signal is free software that allows you to share videos and photos without MMS costs. The signal uses your usual phone number and contacts from your address book, making it very easy to use. You do not have to log in individually to use this application. The signal is safe and your data is 100% protected. All these features are free to use.

10. Teamtalk.io

Teamtalk.io is ideal for business conferences with unlimited file sharing and free audio and video conferencing and is similar to talkatone. The application is easy to install and use and has a number of other advantages. You can record sound and share screens to make your communication livelier. Visit their website, make an appointment and share the link so others can join you.

11. Facebook Webinar

Facewebinar is another easy to use conference platform. In the framework of Faswebinar, more than 12,000 meetings have been successfully organised. You can create a meeting in less than a minute and there is no need to register. Make a direct meeting and start a video conference now. There is no need to download the platform. You can share your on-screen presentation and hold your meeting face-to-face with the video call option, available all day for free.


You can now call the US for free, because we have discussed the 11 best alternatives for Firertc. We have made sure that our readers can trust and safely use these options.

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