Top 5 Methods to Solve Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Gmail

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Microsoft Outlook offers a variety of services such as mail, calendar, tasks, notes, contacts and more. You can consult this data both online and offline. Outlook mailbox data can be accessed on various platforms such as MAC, IOS, Android and Windows. In MS Outlook you can also sort and organize your emails in folders.

Sometimes we have to synchronize Outlook with Gmail because it is easier to search for emails in Gmail than in Outlook. However, users report that Outlook for Mac does not sync with their Gmail account due to a number of issues.

Let’s start with some common reasons for this Outlook synchronization problem.

Why doesn’t Outlook for Mac sync with Gmail?

Google no longer offers free synchronization services

In 2012, Google stopped the synchronization services that made free synchronization impossible. Only a paid Google Account can perform synchronization services.

Networking and parameterisation problems

Incorrect settings may limit the synchronization process even if you are in the Premium version of your Google Account.

In the basic version of Gmail we can’t synchronize Outlook with Gmail, for that we have to use the premium version of Gmail. If you are using the premium version and you still have synchronization problems, I recommend that you follow these methods.

How do I access Mac Outlook data in Gmail? – Free solution.

If you are a Gmail Premium user, use the following methods to solve the synchronization problem between Outlook and Gmail.

Method 1- Process repetition time

Sometimes the quickest way to solve synchronization problems is to delete and re-add your Gmail account. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any data during the process because all the data is available on Google’s server.

Method 2- Availability of the updated version

If you’re having trouble updating your Mac, your IMAP folder may not sync properly. During Outlook resynchronization, you should avoid updates until the problem is resolved or wait for a new update. Hopefully this will solve the problem that Outlook for Mac is not synchronous with Gmail.

Method 3- Gmail IMAP settings

You may not have activated the IMAP protocol. Follow the steps below to activate IMAP in Gmail Outlook :

  • First tap the Transfer icon and then tap the Settings option.
  • Then click on the POP/IMAP Transfer tab.
  • Then select the Allow IMAP option.

Method 4- Configuring Gmail in Outlook

Follow these steps to set up Gmail in Outlook:

  • First select Outlook from the menu bar and select the option Settings. Then go to the Tool Accounts option.
  • Then, on the pop-up screen, select the plus (+) sign in the left corner and select the New account option.
  • Now enter your valid data.

Pay attention: If two-step authentication is enabled, create a new password for the application and enter it in Outlook.

  • Then click on the Allow button to access your Gmail account.
  • Then choose Open Microsoft Outlook in the dialog box that appears.
  • Finally, wait until Outlook has completed the process and then click Finish.

Method 5- Use of current campaigns

In addition to the above methods, there are special Microsoft forums where you can, for example, post your problems and questions. B. Outlook for Mac does not sync with Gmail, you can post messages and you will receive a reply. The Microsoft team also updates the latest information about Gmail and Outlook on the official sites.

Importing Outlook OLM into Gmail can help!

Since the synchronization problem is difficult to solve and you also need to be on the Premium version of Google, it is best to transfer OLM to or import it into Gmail. This gives you access to your Outlook email in your Gmail account.

So try to import the Mac Outlook OLM database file into Gmail. To import OLM files into Gmail, the OLM file converter is a good option. It extracts Mac Outlook OLM from various email clients such as Gmail, Thunderbird, Yahoo, Office 365, Opera Mail, Live Exchange, IMAP, and Hotmail. The utility also supports the folder hierarchy without changing the data stored in the folders.

Why would users choose the OLM conversion tool?

  • The Mail Filter and Task Filter are available for filtering emails within a specific date range.
  • There is no limit to the size of OLM files for migration to Gmail.
  • Gmail allows you to convert multiple files at the same time.
  • There is a naming convention function to save the file name in the desired template.
  • Mac and Windows compatible.


We hope you have a solution for Outlook for Mac that doesn’t sync with the Gmail problem. We have described the causes of the synchronization problems with Mac Outlook. As you know, Google has discontinued its free synchronization services. For example, you can access your old Outlook data in Gmail by importing OLM data into your Gmail profile. You can use the OLM Converter tool to import an OLM file into Gmail. This tool has a simple graphical interface, improved security and is easy to use even for inexperienced users.

Feel free to ask such questions and provide valuable feedback.

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