Best exam preparation apps for Android and IOS (2020)

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Colleges, universities and schools start taking exams in January. Exams determine the fate of students. If the student fails the exam, he or she stays in the same class. If he succeeds, he will be promoted to the next class. Exams are very important. So as not to disappoint them, prepare in advance by doing a thorough research, getting a room ticket, attending classes, etc. Here are 7 excellent applications to help you with these tasks:


According to the developers, most students who used the quiz scored higher on their exams. The quiz prepares students for exams using interactive flash cards. Before you can use the quiz, you need to login to your Facebook or Google account and enter your date of birth, your parents’ email address and your username.

Quizlet gives users access to free educational material created and shared by students or teachers. The subjects are divided into the following categories:

  1. Arts and Humanities.
  2. Math.
  3. Languages.
  4. Science, etc.

After selecting a category, the quiz displays a list of different topics. When you click on a subject name, the application displays the following options:

  • Study, files.
  • Writing, adjusting, testing

The application makes it possible to play educational games in the classroom. Teachers start playing the classroom and students join in. Quiz tests are customizable. Users can configure the test for N options. You can also ask questions. The quiz currently supports the following types of questions:

  • True or false.
  • Multiple choice.
  • It’s written.

After making the test you can see the result in the quiz.

List C

It may be necessary to purchase various items, obtain a ticket/admission, pay fees, etc. before the exam starts. To remember these things, you have to make a checklist. A list of applications will help you. They also give a notification when the task needs to be performed. If your list is not long, you can use the countdown applications. In these applications, the time remaining until the check is displayed.


Teachers can have special lessons for their students during the exams. To make sure you don’t miss any important points the teacher is dealing with, take notes. Note-taking applications help you manage and maintain your notes. What if your teacher forbids you to use smartphones at school? You can add photos to notes or scan documents to extract text from images.


The quiz briefly discusses various topics. If you need a detailed explanation of different things, you can use the learning applications. The applications are free of charge and contain extensive information on various topics. Wikipedia, for example, has a page dedicated to DNA. This page contains more than 10,000 words explaining various topics related to DNA.

Local tests

The subjects/subjects/lessons taught in schools are the same, but the language and curriculum may be different. Thankfully, you can find a variety of niche programmes for exam preparation on the Play Store and iTunes. For example, in some states of India, the government is organising the revision of the SSC. You can find SSL examiners in iTunes and the Play Store.

My Learning Life

My life as a student

My Study Life is a multi-platform exam preparation application for students and teachers. It allows users to set reminders for exams, assignments and assessments. Setting up lessons, subjects, memories, etc. takes time with the My Learning Life application. Once this task is completed, you can view the calendar on mobile devices, PCs, etc. How is my life as a student different from the other applications on my to-do list? In My Study Life you can create a complete calendar with details about the subjects, the number of the exam place, the room, the duration of the exam, etc. To use MSL, you must log into your Facebook, Google or Microsoft 365 account, or create a new account.

Training tips

Tips for training

In this appendix you will find a list of tips you should take into account when studying or preparing for an exam. It also contains images accompanied by inspiring quotes. With ST you can bookmark or copy the tip to the clipboard. It also allows you to share tips on social media sites/applications.

Training phase

Rabbit research

SB is an application that helps you to focus on your studies. It has an animated countdown timer. Study Bunny displays the options for pausing and restoring the timer. Besides the timer you can also use Study Bunny to make a to-do list. You can also use it to create flashcards. For each session you successfully complete, you will receive a few coins. You can use these documents for purchase within the application.

Final thoughts: The above statements not only prepare you for the exams, but also help you to focus. Use them when you have upcoming school/university exams.

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