10 Best GPS Apps and Navigation Apps for iPhone

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We all use our iPhones for different tasks every day. One of these tasks is to get directions to the places we want to visit or to control the traffic on the way to work. Maps,

Over time, maps and navigation have evolved in a non-standard way! People have had a difficult journey, they plan the route, they get lost and eventually find their own way. Fortunately, the days of using compasses and astronomical clocks are over! The buzzing of your smartphone makes tracking easier than ever. All we have to do is enter the address on the phone and a pop-up window will show us the way to your destination step by step. If you ask me, it’s amazing in so many ways. At that moment the magic was rubbed and polished to make our lives more comfortable.

However, there are many similar applications on the market that at first sight look very similar. So we’ve made it easy for you and selected the top 10 GPS and iPhone navigation apps you’ll have on your device in 2020, so you’ll never get lost again!

10 Best GPS and navigation applications for iPhone

1. Triposo

The Triposo application is not a complete GPS and navigation application, but a tourist application. The application does not have a complete world map. However, it does have maps of several major tourist destinations around the world. Users can download maps of these cities for offline use or use them directly from their mobile phone. These maps contain too many attractions of the selected city and allow you to navigate to the desired sights.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the application is the possibility of hiking in the city. City walks are short walks during which users can visit some of the city’s main attractions. Users can choose between short and long cities. As a travel oriented application you can also book hotels, tours and events with Triposo from within the application.

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2. Card application

map research

The MapQuest application provides voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, real-time traffic updates and automatic detour based on the upcoming traffic situation, allowing users to avoid most traffic jams and make their journey as smooth as possible.

The application allows users to share their estimated time of arrival with friends and family so that they have a clear idea of what time they should arrive. In addition, the application allows users to search for nearby attractions and compare the costs of different transport services such as Uber, Car2Go, etc.

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3. Apple cards

Cards with apples

The Apple Maps application is the standard mapping application installed on your iPhone. The application has a simple interface designed to allow the user to select a destination and then give direction and navigation. The best thing about Apple Maps is its seamless integration with Siri and the on-screen lock indicator, which allows users to navigate quickly even if the phone is locked while driving.

If you’re using a car with Apple CarPlay, using Apple Maps is even better. As soon as you park and leave the car, the phone automatically marks the location on the map, so you don’t forget where you parked the car. It can be very useful in new places and cities.

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4. Here we go


Here is WeGo the name of the Nokia mapping application, formerly called Here Maps. The application has multiple navigation and transportation options and allows users to store maps offline so they can access them without having to log in to data. The offline application function also includes street information so that the user can navigate through intersections offline.

If users plan to travel by public transport or taxi, they can use the application to check the fare of the ticket or taxi to find out where they want to go. In addition, the application can also be integrated into popular services such as TripAdvisor, BlaBla Car, Expedia.

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5. Syrian GPS


Sygic GPS is another great GPS application for the iPhone, with voice navigation and real-time traffic updates so users always know the exact traffic conditions. The application includes a radar warning system and dynamic lane control for safe lane changes.

The Sygic GPS is equipped with voice navigation so users can concentrate on driving without having to look at the navigation screen every few seconds. Once they have reached their destination, the application gives them advice on parking, availability and prices.

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6. GPS Scout Navigation


The GPS Scout navigation application has real-time updates for traffic and speed, so users always know when they reach their destination. Prior to navigation, users can click on all available routes to get directions for exiting the selected route.

The application also allows users to share their ETAs with one or more contacts and has a list of frequently contacted people, making it easy for users to share their ETAs while on the move. GPS Scout navigation also allows users to download maps for offline use so that users can access the map and instructions offline.

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7. City maps2See

City maps - city phone

CityMaps2Go is an application with detailed maps, which the client can disable at any time in order to use them, even if no information is available. Maps can be placed simultaneously in urban areas, states or even entire countries. In the guide, customers can back up sites and add them to their folders, and the backed up sites can easily be placed in the appropriate categories. For example, you can leave a few places of interest in the Visits section, a few restaurants in the Dining facilities section, and so on. In principle, this application should reduce the need for customers to plan visits to different urban areas.

Users can use programs such as Apple Maps and Google Maps to get directions to the locations stored in the application and can also order directly from the application itself.

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8. Channel

Whaze-iphone-best navigation apps

Waze is an application from Waze Inc. purchased by Google in 2013. This application is a transport and navigation application based on a crowdsourcing community that relies on users to obtain traffic data. It allows users to report accidents, hazards, road closures, etc. to help other drivers use the application.

The application has advanced voice navigation and includes an ETA sharing feature that allows users to share their ETA with the people they meet. You can use some of these methods to make better use of Waze.

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9. Tips.ME

Maps.ME is a free application offering giant maps of 345 countries and islands. So you can find a map of this location anywhere on Maps.ME. The application is aimed at tourists and travellers and contains detailed maps with restaurants, destinations, petrol stations, etc.

In the case of mountain areas, the application also includes slopes and ski areas. Maps.ME also allows customers to download and track maps for temporary use without using the information network. If you are traveling to another city and need to visit many places of interest, this application may be perfect for you.

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10. Google Maps

google-maps-best-iphone apps

Google Maps is the world’s most popular and reliable GPS and routing application. The application was created by Google and did not find anything with accurate traffic data, different means of transport for routes and destinations and the possibility of automatic call forwarding based on sports conditions or curves and exits.

The application also provides a streetscape and images of the space, so that users can make a virtual tour before they decide to actually visit the space. Most importantly, this feature allows users to save maps for offline use, so they can get directions and search for maps offline without logging into data. This can be very useful when visiting a new city or when travelling abroad.

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Here are the top 10 GPS tracking applications for iPhone that can effectively use your smartphone’s tracking services to make your life easier. If we missed your favorite application, please leave a comment below.

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