The Moto 360 vs Sony Smartwatch 3


Last updated: 30 August 2020

The Sony Smartwatch 3 and Moto 360 are a viable alternative to the popular Apple watches. Sony’s Smartwatch 3 has received recognition for its built-in GPS and stylish design. Easy to customize, Moto 360 is a high-end watch with a host of useful features – even the most essential.

Smartwatch 3 is designed for users with an active lifestyle and has a number of stand-alone features that work with or without a smartphone. Moto 360 offers different sizes and styles for men and women. You can use certain functions wirelessly, even without a smartphone, and with this watch you can stream your favorite songs wherever you are.

Although the Smartwatch 3 and Moto 360 models are similar in some respects, their differences are very striking.

Two hour overview

Moto 360 runs on the Android operating system. It’s not as bright as some of the other smart watches on the market, but if you appreciate the classic wristwatch design, you’ll find it’s a great addition to your wardrobe. The classic design of the 360 model includes the traditional circular display section.

If you look at the other smart watches on the market, you’ll see that most of them have a square display. Fans of the Moto 360 ring will notice that it fits comfortably around most wrists and that important information can be displayed quickly and easily.

You can get out of the office and jog on asphalt, because this watch is equipped with a pulse sensor and the outside is dustproof and waterproof. Other features include a WiFi connection and a light sensor that automatically adjusts the visibility of the screen to the ambient light.

The Sony Smartwatch 3 has a large square screen. This is great news for those who want easy access to important information or don’t want to squint to see updates and news. They’re not as elegant as the Apple watch (or even the Moto 360), but these Sony watches are just as competitive in many other ways. For example, you can customize it with a range of interchangeable bracelets.

Wear it with a formal or complicated wristband, or have fun with bright colors or casual style. You can even wear it on your next workout, as it also comes with a fitness belt. Just like the Moto 360, this watch has a waterproof case. The hands-free function is very simple: just say the command on the phone.

Key features

If you plan to use a smart watch, make sure it has all the features you need. Fortunately, none of them in this category disappoints. Some functions are necessary, while others make life much easier. Here are the most important features of both models.

Style and design: The Moto 360 is more characterised by its classic and elegant design. The watch has a traditional circular display that has received mixed reviews from consumers. Many other smart watches, such as Sony’s Smartwatch 3, have a large square display area.

While some consumers may find the square display more cumbersome, others find it better for visibility. It is easy to find the right watch for your wrist, as both models can be individually adjusted. While the Moto 360 has different sizes of cases, wristbands, surfaces and eyewear, Smartwatch offers 3 different types of wristbands.

Overall, the Moto 360 stands out more because of its styling department. This is especially true if you want to set up your watch. Unlike the Smartwatch 3 there are different sizes for men and women. You can also embellish your bike with a mix of glasses and finishes – Smartwatch 3 does not offer such design freedom.

functionality : Both watches use Android Wear. This software allows you to consult the most useful and personal information at a glance. And with voice recognition, you can control the clock without pressing a single button.

Sony recommends voice input as the fastest and easiest way to communicate with your watch. The communication with the Moto 360 is wind. The clock can be synchronized with any smartphone using Android 4.3 or higher. Do you have your hands full? Just say OK, Google, to access the information you want without clicking a button.

Further design: No matter what your state of health is or how you get started, Moto 360 can help you. If you need extra motivation or looking for help, Moto Body is there for you. With this integrated tracker you can follow your daily physical activities.

You can even count on the trainer’s advice – and a weekly summary of your recent successes. The Sony Lifelog application is similar in many ways. Advanced sensor technology displays accurate heart rate readings, including the highest, lowest and average heart rate per minute. The watch can also count steps and calculate speed during the race. He can even watch you sleep.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Motorcycle 360 :

The Moto 360 is stylistically ahead of Sony, thanks in part to its classic 24-hour viewing area. The display provides current information without exerting additional pressure on the wrist. Men and women appreciate the different sizes and styles they can choose from, not to mention the many possibilities for customization.

Another area where the Moto 360 really stands out is the large number of functions. From Moto Body, which provides training tips, to features such as an outdoor light sensor, wireless charging and WiFi connection, even if your phone is out of range, these features are a selling point for many consumers.

One of the biggest consumer complaints is battery life. Although this watch should miss a typical workday, you will need to recharge it when you get home.

If you use your watch continuously throughout the day, the battery may be depleted before you can put it back in the charger. Another disadvantage is that it is impossible to receive and answer telephone calls outside office hours.

Like Moto 360 compared to the other

Sony Smartwatch 3 :

The built-in GPS is one of the most popular features of the Sony Smartwatch 3. This feature is particularly interesting for runners, as it allows them to follow any training session without a phone. This watch also has a built-in USB port for charging, making it easy to charge without the need for a docking station.

Smartwatch also works seamlessly with Android Wear. Whether you want to install an application or send an SMS, you can count on fast and efficient work.

Although the GPS function appeals to many athletes – especially runners – with their built-in GPS, there are many complaints about lost signals and inconsistent GPS readings, especially if the tape is wet or sweaty.

Another weakness among consumers is that this watch, unlike many competitors at similar prices, does not offer heart rate measurement. Even with regular cleaning, the belt absorbs an incredible amount of dust and dirt.

Comparison: Sony Smartwatch 3 vs Moto 360

A comparison of the two watches will help you find the one that best fits your budget and lifestyle.

  Sony Smartwatch 3 360 Motorcycle
Prices Here $184 $148 here.
Screen size 1.6 inches 1.56 inches
Operating system Android Wear; compatible with Android 4.1 or higher devices Android Wear; compatible with Android 4.3 or higher devices
show Traditional square shape Modern round shape
Battery life It can take up to two days, according to Sonia. Designed to walk all day; needs to be recharged at night.
Reminder 512 MB 512 MB
Storage 4 GB 4 GB
Features Available in different colours; stand-alone functions that work without a smartphone nearby; waterproof exterior; outdoor light sensors; built-in GPS; compass Waterproof; wireless charging; integrated pedometer and heart rate monitor; sleek, modern design; Google OK voice command

Should I buy now or wait?

If you’re looking for the best shot for your bones, Moto 360 is for you. Although Sony Smartwatch 3 also has a lot to offer, it lags behind in terms of performance and functionality, especially at such a high price. At first glance, the two products look very similar.

Not only do both systems share the same memory and storage capacity, but they also work with the Android Wear operating system. Also the dimensions of the screen are almost identical.

But they are also very different from each other. Sony watches have a traditional square shape which makes them look more like fitness watches, while the modern 360 round shape offers a more modern and sophisticated look. But don’t count all the Smartwatch 3s. It still has a lot to offer, especially if you want greater autonomy and smooth, silky-smooth operation.

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