How To Cross Out Text in Google Docs

How can I cross out text in Google Docs : Hello dear readers, crossing out text in any writing software is child’s play, and here I am going to introduce you to a shortcut or a step-by-step process. In this article we will learn how to cross out text in Google Docs or use the crossed out format in Google Docs and how to get information about the text format in Google Docs. Okay, let’s get started.

How to draw text in Google Docs [FAQ]

Sometimes you need strikethrough text in certain parts of the document, which I’m not sure about. Whether you need these fonts or styles in your documents. For cases where you do not want to delete the content but do want to save it, the Google Docs authoring tool is the best option.

Google Docs are useful if you are confused about the content. In Google documents, you can draw a line to highlight the text in a sentence or document. This line indicates that the underlined area should be ignored, but that it does not need to be deleted or erased. This way you can receive the material later, when you need it. Select the How do I create a Google Doc landscape checkbox?

It is a multi-format text that contains dashed lines. If you work with Google Docs and are looking for ways to strikethrough text in Google Docs, you should take a look at this article.

What is knitting?

As the name suggests, the bar is a text formatting effect (bold, underlined). Use this bar to draw a horizontal line in the middle of the text. The impression was often created that changes had been made to the text, or that something was being expressed without this being explicitly mentioned. Nowadays the text striptease is also used to add comic effects to writing. Use it as you like, because sometimes people don’t understand the jokes. An example of a scratch: How can I cross out text in Google documents?

How can I cross out text in Google Docs?

In order to embed crossed out or strikethrough items in Google Docs, you must first open Google Docs and sign in to your Google Account. Here’s an easy way to cross out text in Google Docs. You can use the Barrier function to highlight any text in your document. Here are some steps you should follow.

  • First open the document in Google Doc, where you have to cross out the text.
  • Then select a proposal or text. After opening the desired documents, select the desired font or text. In other words: Select the text to be struck through or crossed out, or draw a line. Then, according to the text of the document, anywhere. There is no specific place to click on the text of the document.
  • Look at the Layout tab. And click on the Format menu at the top of the toolbar. Here you will find a bar that crosses the text.
  • If you click on the format, you will see some text design options. You have to choose the one that’s crossed out. You can also press Alt + Shift + 5 directly to pass.

How to undo cross-text in Google Docs?

If you want to remove the bar, this step also works in the opposite direction. If you want to cancel the depreciation process, simply repeat the steps with the text. It’s very simple.

How to browse text in Google Docs with keyboard shortcuts

How to cross out text in Google Docs

To use the keyboard method to draw a line in a text, press the key on your keyboard. First select the text you want to strike out. Then press Alt + Shift + 5 on the keyboard. If you are looking for a detailed guide, read on.

  • Select the text or line.
  • Use the mouse or cursor to select the text you want to open.
  • Simultaneously press Alt + Shift + 5 .
  • The selected content or text is then automatically strikethrough.

If you want to deselect text using hotkey

This approach also goes in the opposite direction. If you have crossed out text in your document and want to reverse the process, you can do so. It’s like a cross. To do this, select the desired text and cross it by holding the Alt + Shift + 5 keys together. The drawn line has been removed.

Last words

The above training material shows you how to highlight text in a document and how to apply the stripe effect. There are two different ways to do it: One requires strikethrough formatting in the Format menu, the other requires the use of keyboard shortcuts. If you have questions about Google Docs, you can answer them in the Comment section. Thank you for reading it.

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