How to add contact form in WordPress?

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WordPress is an incredible tool that allows people of all levels to create beautiful websites. The platform works with hundreds of plug-ins that make it easy. This can vary from a scrolling parallax to a small animation or, in our case, a contact form.

Contact forms are an integral part of every website. They are one of the best ways for your audience to get in touch with you, and they also protect your contact information without disclosing your email address directly.

In this article we see how you can add a contact form to your WordPress site.

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As in most cases under WordPress, we will use a plugin to integrate the contact form on our website. There are now hundreds of free and paid plugins for this purpose, but we will use WPForms lite here for information.

There are alternatives such as ninja shapes, pride shapes and gravity shapes, among many other popular names that will help you create forms for almost anything on your website. The following instructions will help you add forms for each plugin.


Step one: We will first download and install the plugin. So go to the Plug-ins section of your WordPress site and click the Add button.

Step two: Sort for WPForm Lite. Click Install now to download and install the plug-in. After installing the plugin, you will see the Activate button. Click on it to activate the plugin.

|- Candidate.

Step three: Now that the plugin is working, you will notice that the WPForms option has appeared in the panel of the page. Click on it to access the plugin settings.

|- Candidate.

Here you can view the form template and all other forms you have created or are about to create. Now you can do what you want, but in the context of this article we will focus on a simple contact form.

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Create a contact form for the WordPress site

If you have downloaded WPForms, follow these steps If you are using a different contact form plugin, the steps are similar if a drag and drop constructor is used – most of them.

Step one: Click on Gestia to open the form.

|- Candidate.

Step two: You will notice that this form already contains almost everything we need for a simple contact form. On the left side of the page you will find options to change existing fields or add new ones.

|- Candidate.

The plugin has a simple drag-and-drop interface, so if you want to add new fields, just drag them to the left. Do not hesitate to change the form.

Step three: Click on the name of the Gestia form to change these and other form parameters. You can add form descriptions and custom CSS classes.

|- Candidate.

Step four: On the Settings menu, click Notifications and add the email address to which you want to send a message. You can also specify the subject of the reply and the fields of the form you receive in the e-mail.

|- Candidate.

By default, the form uses the e-mail from your website administrator as the recipient of the form. The reply e-mail is set to the e-mail address provided by the person who filled out the form, and the e-mail contains all the fields of the form itself.

Step five: If you add an icon on the touch screen, you can also go to Confirmation and set a default reply email.

|- Candidate.

Step 6 : Click on the Save button in the upper right corner to save the form.

|- Candidate.

Step seven: Now go back to your website and go to the page where you want to add this form. We recommend that you create a separate contact page, although you can insert this form anywhere on your website.

|- Candidate.

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Adding a contact form to a WordPress site

If you edit your pages with an external editor such as Elementor or WP Bakery, simply open your page and add a WPF form element.

Below we used a block editor to add a form. There are two ways to do it.

  • Use the WPForms widget
  • Using the short code block.

Add a contact form with the widget block

We recommend that you add forms in this way because it gives you more control over how your form is displayed, as you can show and hide the name and description of the form.

Step one: Click on the plus icon to add a block and search for WPForms in the Widgets section. If you are using a different form plug-in, you will also find the block in the Widgets section.

|- Candidate.

Step two: Select the form you want to view.

|- Candidate.

Step three: Your form will be displayed in the editor.

|- Candidate.

If you are not using a bulk word processor with WordPress, you will find the Add Form option at the top of the classic editor.

Using a short codewidget

An identification number is assigned to each form you create. You can use this form ID in the shortcut widget to display the form.

Step one: Go back to the form’s insertion page using the option on the left side panel and write down the abbreviation of the form you want to use.

|- Candidate.

Step two: Go back to the form page. Click on the plus symbol to add a new block and search for a short code in the widgets.

|- Candidate.

Step three: Enter a name for your form, then click the Refresh button in the top right corner and then click the Preview button to view your form.

|- Candidate.

Your form will appear on the page.

|- Candidate.

Allows you to add contact forms to your WordPress pages.

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