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Plague Inc. of Ndemic Creations.

There are people who think the fungus is difficult. So here’s our guide to using the fungus on Megabrutal to destroy humanity a year ago. We have repeated this page many times to illustrate, there is always some dispersion, but our current record is 11 months.

11 months, you say? How can such a slow pathogen do this in 11 months? Pest-Inc.jpg

And why a female fungus? Since hurricanes are women.

You need certain genes to try this mission, not to lie. Maybe the rest can be forged, but certainly the patostasis (cost of freezing). If you don’t have genes, you can make them grow by accidentally defeating a dozen games with bacteria. For each game you win, you will receive a new release gene.

Pestilence Inc. jpg

  • Pato-Stasis: The cost of capacity does not increase as it develops, so disputes over explosions are worth only one DNA.
  • Darwinian: DNA is not enough for a megabrutal, free mutations will help, even if sometimes the wrong thing happens.
  • Urbophile: The strongest resistance is expected from the rich countries, and they are largely urban, so we are preparing for that.
  • ATP boost: Fungi are too fast for other genes to produce a significant DNA advantage. ATF isn’t just DNA, it’s DNA just when you need it – at the beginning of the game.
  • Aquatitis: Greenland is not a problem for this leadership (you will soon understand why). But there are still some island nations that all have to die.

Before we continue, we should mention which genes have been rejected and why.

  • Extremophilic: Popular choice (who doesn’t like to climb in an environment?). But who cares about the higher grades in Libya? We have to go where it counts, that’s in the city.
  • Genetic pantomime: The percentage of treatment is not important if it is not 100%. It’s a speed guide, not an evaluation guide.
  • The creationist: We’re not afraid of mutation. We’re not afraid to kill too quickly. We accept that.

Okay, now we start with the plague, and we start in Greenland. plague-inc.jpg

Greenland, you say? Are you sure this is a guide?

Greenland is usually a bad place to start a disease because the infection spreads so slowly and we are in the megabrutal. But Greenland has many advantages in the mushroom diet and is preferable to Saudi Arabia, India or China.

  1. Because fuck Greenland…
  2. Automatic cold bonus. Most rich countries are cold, too.
  3. Greenland is very difficult to catch unless you are already in Greenland.

Now we’re developing our symptoms. Instant rash, then sweating. This is our favorite symptom tree because it contains highly contagious skin lesions. Use the last dot of DNA to capture the first offshoot of the spur.

A nail costs only one DNA, but infects a new country, which immediately produces a red bubble for every 1 to 3 DNA (the exact amount depends on the current severity). As a pyramid system, we have twelve track bursts and two track bursts, which means it will reach 23 countries from the start of the game.

Unlike many players who like to hold back and keep their tracks in reserve for the last countries, our guide says that you’re not a coward, but that you let yourself go all of a sudden. You have to reach a last chance, a bet that will help you much more than being a coward, you have to let go of the bet and trust it.

There are still a few nuances.

  1. In order to obtain extra DNA of higher severity, certain symptoms must be developed in the middle of a spore explosion.
  2. Continue releasing trace tips and extracting DNA to produce more spores.
  3. Do not be afraid to immediately cause more than one trace outbreak. The chance of double elections is very small in any country.
  4. Detect skin lesions as soon as you have 10 DNA. Seriousness increases, infectivity increases.
  5. Carry out all process advice before executing a process advice.
  6. Soon you’ll have DNA to reduce the fever. He kills people, yes. I don’t care about the fungus.
  7. Publication of the first manifestation of the dispute. It has to be sent to 5 countries, with each country sending back 2 or 3 DNAs.
  8. It gives you enough DNA for immunosuppression. It kills more people and also increases the mutation.
  9. Then initiate the second and final burst of the pores. Pest-Inc.jpg

We accept death and mutation, we’re not afraid of it.

A short remark about the hardening of the tracks does not mean that the plague will cross the closed borders/sea ports, but simply that it will increase the basic transmission by x 100. The description is a lie. The fungus should always travel on regular air/water/land routes. The hardening of the spores significantly increases the speed of reproduction of very low-density fungi, but they are still less contagious than bacteria.

This is when the game starts to diverge and you have to make a choice based on your card. It’s not a good idea to follow the cookie routine, because your disputes are arbitrary and you need to be prepared for that.

The last time you started the fight, you should have ended up with very heavy DNA, because your illness is already fatal. Now open the list of infections and see which countries are afraid.

  • Island states such as Madagascar, New Zealand, Iceland and the Caribbean, which suffer from conflicts, are very good.
  • Please note: if your dispute is due to a super inverter such as in Saudi Arabia, China or India. If you do, switch to the temperature (thermal resistance) and dry (air) / wet (water) conditions in that country.
  • Mind if you have a lot of rich countries. If you do that, you give higher priority to drug resistance.
  • If you don’t have superspreaders or rich countries, switch to Birds immediately.

Most guides only tell you what to do. (And they’re usually useless, like – do something and you win.) But the DNA on Megabrutal is very limited, and more importantly, we tell you what not to do.

  • Almost all players know Air 1, Air 2, Water 1, Water 2, it’s just a habit and can’t perform well.
  • Mushrooms hate to travel in any vehicle, so birds are indeed the most reliable way to transport mushrooms.
  • Final capacity, disputed healing, multiple teeth x 100. It only takes 5 DNA, you need it for every transfer.
  • It is often correct to start with medication or heat resistance for a transfer and sometimes even a 2nd step.
  • Your disease won’t spread if you’ve already infected most people, so forget the bioaerosols. You have a high initial infection rate due to your symptoms.
  • You only do this after your illness has conquered certain countries.
  • You don’t need cold resistance, not even level 1, because you inherited it all from Greenland.

They’ll notice you and say it’s an alarming disease because you’ve been killing people from day one.

But the mushrooms don’t care because they still have to spend time raising the threat level and awareness before the world works on a cure. In most rich countries, only a few hundred or a few thousand people are currently infected, so they don’t have to worry about serious research.

Prior to a big battle for genetic hardening 1 and 2, when these things are still relatively cheap. Genetic drift on a megabrutal will make evolution more expensive when your population is high. Then finish the preparation for battle by closing with Medical Resistance 2. If you have not yet purchased the thermal resistor 2, you must also purchase it.

As the world begins to move towards healing (and they are quite fast), it’s time to make Water 2, Air 2 and then BioAerosol. If you already have a broadcast, you’ve probably copied the plague by following a habit instead of reading a map as we told you. It is only fair to make air and water if you have a large medical post, at least one supercollector and the good temperature stability of this collector.

Birds are cheap against fungal diseases and very useful for the distribution of land.

There will be mutations, and you like that, but if a defective organ or necrosis mutates before the last island state, it will be devalued. Those big guns are going to force everyone to close their gates.

As soon as the disease has reached all the islands (possession of the fungus is not important), activate order 66… we mean organ failure. Don’t wait 100 or 1000, one patient is enough, trust your arguments. Since your infection rate is close to the maximum and is amplified by mutations, no country can resist, except Greenland, which you have wisely swallowed from the start.

Genetic drift is currently costly, in fact organ failure is expected to cost more than 60 DNA. So you have to wait until most people die before you get new symptoms.

Because you have birds and immune depression and the Darwin gene, mutations are already on their way to reveal the symptoms without investing in DNA. They are lucky if they can unclog the necrosis themselves, there are more than 50 DNA’s available for free and the birds have already paid several times for themselves (which air and water will never do).

The processing will speed up, but you won’t panic. As soon as the treatment is almost ready (10 days), people stop in a coma or genetic refactoring.

Since this manual is only about speed, you should not invest in other blockers (Paralysis/Creation 2) until you are almost on the drug. Instead, the family of haemorrhagic shocks should be further developed or mutated to maximum lethality. Do this when costs are reduced by the death of many people.

The last few (millions of) people die very quickly, and we have to win before the end of the year, and sometimes even a few days. Depending on how lucky you are to have these mutations and the splash controversy, your score will be three or four stars.

We have never received five stars in mold mode, do not think it is possible because it requires a low percentage of cure, and because of the megabrutal complexity the treatment will always be more than 50%, even with the maximum anti-fungal measures. If you take a lot of rescue measures, you don’t kill the seekers fast enough, so they end up refusing your rescue measure. You can forget it and focus on speed, just like us.

Other tips and tricks for Plague Inc.

Do you have any other tips and tricks to fight the plague? Please contact us with your comments. We will then further develop this article to provide a comprehensive guide to the game.


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