9 Underrated Apps That You’ve Never Heard In This 2020

There are more than 2 million requests, and some are more useful than others.

Whether you have an iPhone, Android or any other type of smartphone, you probably have a lot of applications. These 9 applications can be really useful and some take up a lot of space.

To get the most out of your phone, you need to download several important applications. Some of these incredible offers can delay your money, make great deals, and a few can be good for you. With your phone’s preferred applications, you can really make a difference in your life.

The best applications are probably underestimated. They can be incredibly useful, but some are so new that many people don’t even think about them.

More than 2 million applications are now available. In addition, the App Store could have up to 5 million applications by 2020. Of course you can’t download them all because your phone needs more memory for that, but as soon as you can easily download these 9 applications, make sure you have them all.

Different applications cost money to download. With these 9 requests you don’t have to pay anything. So there’s no danger if you look at them. The circumstances in which a free application is used are things you should always keep in mind, especially if they improve your life.

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There are 9 underrated applications that everyone should download. Get these applications on your phone today.

1] RunPee

Have you ever seen a movie in the cinema but suddenly have a tendency to use the toilet? You can leave immediately to go to the bathroom or go through the whole movie in agony. With an application called RunPee, you’ll never have to worry again. This application tells you that it’s best to go to the bathroom during the movie to make sure you don’t miss much. It even includes time and a conversation leader, which are best suited for a quick visit to the bathroom.

2] RunGo


With the RunGo application you can find the best routes for a decent run in the vicinity of your municipality. Without this application you would have to invest energy in learning the best methods. This application simplifies the entire cycle so you can concentrate on your work. In addition, it is accompanied by suggestions for the best leads. There is also a disabled stand that can be used when jogging in an area without internet access.

3] Tab

Tab- TechMobi

Entering a restaurant is usually boring, and it is just as important to spread the test over all meetings. It can take forever from cost to tip. If you are in this situation, you need to download the tab. This application allows users to view the coffee vouchers and determine how much each person is owed. Taxes and tips are also taken into account. Use this application every time you have lunch with your guides.

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4] Encryption. I BEN M.

Encrypt me - TechMobi

There are times when you need to use public WiFi, but you probably don’t know if it’s reliable or not. In the light of the above, you prefer not to compromise your information and protection. Encrypt.me is a unique type of application that determines how safe WiFi is for you. You can also use Encrypt.me to share your information if you use free WiFi. With Encrypt.me, you’ll never doubt you’re using public Wi-Fi.

5] More

Lake TehMoby

Shadow books used to be only for children, but now adults are starting to take an interest in them. Distributors have provided adult shade books, which they use to lighten the pressure and relax. It won’t be long before the digital version comes on the market. The lake is an application used for shade. They offer free drawings that you can fill with flowers. It’s an incredible way to relax and calm the nerves.

6] Hotel WiFi Test

WiFi test - TechMobi Hotel

There is nothing to complete the preparations for this important implementation, except a moderate network connection. With the hotel’s WiFi test, you can be sure that you will get help very quickly, even before you book.

This device allows you to search for convenience with fast Wi-Fi and filter the results by speed and cost, in addition to the hotel rating and room rate. What’s more, you can share your love online by leaving a review of your Wi-Fi hotel for future seekers. Several hotels have been evaluated, and you can even enter additions that will later show you the intricacies of the Internet connection for each hotel you visit on Hotels.com, Expedia or TripAdvisor.

Free, available for Chrome and iOS.

7] Text entries + translators

TextGrabber + Translator - TechMobi

If you’re like me, the result is that you take pictures of different documents to quickly collect meaningful data. I thought it was a very useful hack, but every now and then I have to bring the content of the photo into a user-friendly structure. Anyway, I certainly don’t want to press it physically hard and fast.

TextGrabber + Translator to the rescue! It receives text from photos so you can use it in other applications, and can also decipher text from a handle and many dialects. This can really protect you when you need to finalise your travel expense structures, make handwritten notes about meetings or need a quick translation of the most important entries when you travel abroad.

Free, available for iOS and Android.



Going to work is never as brilliant as you think. Instead of enjoying a refreshing drink while sneaking softly into a glossy magazine, you find yourself in a dirty corner of the airport terminal, fighting for the last available spring or removing scarves from another $10 flat sandwich while desperately looking for a bathroom next door.

You can end this malfunction by entering the FLIO application for your next tour. It will feature a Flash interface with free Wi-Fi, impose restrictions on food and drink, take you to the airport terminal lounges and show you where to find everything from charging stations to toilets. You can also track events related to your trusted status or the departure from the airport to the city centre. Plus, as a little bonus, you get a flight time and gate number to make sure you’re quiet, put together and maybe (maybe!) jump on the plane in style.

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9] GoA2B

GoA2B- TechMobi

Don’t waste valuable time looking for the ideal route for the next meeting with the customer or for the airport terminal after the entire group has met. Use this application to save money, also ideal for business travellers and employees.

The GoA2B takes into account the cost and turnaround time of all major carpooling services (Uber, Lyft, Flywheel and even nearby taxis) so you can choose the best one. You will see cars nearby, arrival and travel times and price increases. Get rid of the urban areas in which you travel and you will usually have the best car available on site.

Free, available for iOS and Android

Wherever you are or wherever you work, these (as yet unknown) applications and tools will help you get in better shape. So take a break from the norm and test it for a much needed and well-deserved lighter working day.

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