2020’s Streaming Wars and Services That are Leading the Battle

The year 2020 has been a devastating year in which one disaster after another has terrified everyone. The coronavirus in particular has caused enormous devastation around the world, resulting in the blockade of the entire state, great human suffering and economic/social/political turmoil.

It is worth saying that Kovid-19 has put the whole world on break while we are still trying to figure out how to fight in these devastating times. Not that it looks like silver backlighting, but because everyone is at home, it offers a lot of opportunities to watch your favourite movies/television programmes.

The current war indeed reached a critical point in March, when most countries were completely blocked. With the advent of new streaming services, it seems that everyone is now exploring new content libraries on different video-on-demand (VoD) platforms.

This guide will focus on this ongoing streaming war and examine in detail every streaming platform currently in charge of the battle. So, without further ado, let’s begin…

1. Netflix

Source: cnbc.com

Despite the emergence of new streaming platforms such as Disney+ and Apple TV+, Netflix continues to lead the war against streaming, with more than 10.1 million subscribers in the spring of last year. As a result, VoD is now the largest in the industry with more than 190 million subscribers worldwide.

Almost everyone knows what Netflix is and how the platform has changed the game of streaming, but its dominance continues to grow thanks to many modern classics and original Netflix products that have even won nominations for 225 Emmy Awards and 43 prizes.

This allowed the striptease platform to interrupt a long series of Emmy nominations for HBO. As if that wasn’t enough, Netflix creates one franchise after another and pays a lot of attention to creating its own content, which eventually led to the creation of more than 1500 original Netflix originals.

Of course, not all users have access to the entire Netflix library due to licensing issues with production companies. Come here if you want to watch American Netflix in Canada or elsewhere, and follow the instructions to get a VPN to unlock all 13,900+ movies and TV shows!

2. Disney plus's-Streaming-Wars and-Services-That-are-Leading-the-Battle.jpg

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Although Disney Plus entered the streaming industry in November 2019, it is already making waves all over the world. The platform has defined in simple terms what a streaming service should be with a world view and an appearance that makes it possible to check every available name.

In fact, Disney+ has managed to attract a large number of fans. Just outside the factory they unleashed Mandalorian chant, which reached unimaginable heights on VoD, when the incredible charm of Baby Yoda stormed the entire Internet and Disney even produced a marketing force with character.

Disney+ managed to do something that was impossible in a short time. Today the platform serves more than 33.5 million subscribers, bringing each streaming service as close as possible to Netflix. The only difference between Disney+ and the others is that Disney+ managed to close that gap right away!

3. Hulu’s-Streaming-Wars-and-Services-That-are-Leading-the-Battle.jpg

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Before Disney+ introduced online bypass, Hulu was known by most American umbilical cord cutters. It is now in third place in the power warfare, but that does not mean that the platform has no potential. In fact, it is quite similar to Disney+, which will reach approximately 32.1 million subscribers by 2020.

The platform even spent the months before the pandemic integrating the FX library into its applications and website. A few months ago the deal got even better when we heard that FX would also be present at exclusive Hulu shows, including the two most popular Y shows: The last man and the longest American horror stories that still thrill you.

In addition, Hulu has its own exclusive list of new adaptations Little Lights Everywhere and ordinary people all over the world are getting fame and attention. Recently Hulu even stumbled upon his film in Palm Springs. Anyway, Hulu is not far behind Disney+ or even Netflix!

4. CBS All accesses’s-Streaming-Wars-and-Services-That-are-Leading-the-Battle.jpg

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With its fourth place in this year’s streaming war, CBS does not support All Access to make life difficult for other VoDs in the market. The platform itself has evolved over the years and the big name Star Trek has been added: The Picard has helped to increase the total number of his followers around the world.

There’s already news of 2 seasons coming out this year, but you can look forward to the new seasons of Twilight Zone and Good Battle of Jordan Peel, which have given CBS All Access subscribers an excuse to stay on the platform and watch the drunks!

In 2020, CBS All Access even managed to attract more than 15 million subscribers and this number is expected to reach 16 million by the end of the year. As a result, the platform will go nowhere in the foreseeable future and you can expect a lot more in the coming months.

5. Amazon premium video’s-Streaming-Wars-and-Services-That-are-Leading-the-Battle.jpg

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This list would not be complete without the inclusion of the infamous Amazon Prime Video, which has more than 150 million subscribers. Although 2020 has not been the best year for the platform, we are all big fans of the exclusive show The Boys, which continues to arouse the interest of users around the world.

Today, with the end of the second season, Prime Video fans are crazier than ever and expect more content on the platform. Prime Video does not return from the streaming wars and even contains a huge list of films/television series from the 1950s.


Several other streaming platforms such as Peacock, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus and Quibi are also making waves all over the world, but they have not yet gained popularity and fame. Eventually, when we assess the streaming scene in 2020, we can assume that Netflix, although still dominant, will have a tough time with Disney Plus, Hulu and CBS All Access in the coming years!

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