WiFi Keeps Disconnecting After Windows 10 20H2 update

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Will the WiFi connection keep dropping after an update to Windows 10 20H2? A number of users have reported a poor Wi-Fi connection after upgrading their Windows PC with the latest patch. The Internet connection is reset approximately every 10 minutes and Internet access is interrupted for 10 to 20 seconds and then restored. With some other WiFi connections, the network name disappears from the list and does not reappear until the laptop/adapter is rebooted.

This problem is mainly caused by a driver incompatibility between the network adapter and the Windows device. Updating and reinstalling the latest network drivers will probably solve the problem.

WiFi is always disabled by Windows 10

Before we move on,

  • Reboot network devices, including PCs, routers, and switches, if a transient error causes the problem.
  • Temporarily disabling antivirus or antivirus software.
  • Also disable the firewall and VPN if they are configured.
  • Check and make sure that the latest Windows updates are installed on your device. Or go to Settings, Updates and Security and click Check for Updates.
  • Run a clean boot of Windows to determine if conflicting boot services are causing the problem.
  • Open the Windows services via services.msc and restart the AutoConfig WLAN service.

Starting the Internet connection Troubleshooting problems

This diagnostic tool is an automated tool built into Windows 10 that finds and solves common Internet connection problems on your computer. Follow these steps to use this tool and see if it helps you.

  • Press Windows + X to select a setting,
  • Click Update and Security, and then click Troubleshoot,
  • Now search for internet connections on the right side and select them.
  • Press the Run Troubleshooter button and follow the on-screen instructions,
  • This allows you to check and correct problems that prevent the proper functioning of the Internet connection.

Start Troubleshooting for Network Adapter

This is another automated tool built into Windows10 that detects and resolves common problems with your computer’s network adapter settings. It also checks that the drivers of the network adapters are up to date. This can also tell you about hardware errors that occur with the network adapter.

  • Press Windows + X to select a setting,
  • Click Update and Security, and then click Troubleshoot,
  • Now find the network adapter on the right side and select it.
  • Press the Run Troubleshooter button and follow the on-screen instructions,
  • Restart the windows when troubleshooting is complete,
  • Now check if you have a stable network and a stable internet connection.

Resetting the network adapter

If the problem is not resolved, you can reset all network adapters by following these steps.

  • Press Windows + X and select Settings,
  • Tap Network and Internet, and then tap Status,
  • Press the Reset Network button,

Restoring the network connection

  • Press the Reset Now button,

Resetting the network confirmation

Through this process, Windows 10 automatically resets all the network adapters configured on your device and resets the network settings to the default values.  Restart Windows and check that there are no more problems with the WiFi connection.

Reinstalling the wifi driver

If the above solutions have not solved the problem for you, the WiFi connection is still often disconnected. Then reinstall the wifi adapter driver, this will probably solve the problem.

To uninstall and reinstall the drivers of the network card.

  • Press Windows + X and select Device Manager,
  • A list of all installed drivers is displayed,
  • Expand the network adapter,
  • Right-click on the installed WiFi adapter and select Uninstall Device,
  • Press Yes when prompted to confirm,
  • Restart Windows to completely uninstall the driver software,
  • The next time you start Windows, the network adapter will be installed automatically.

You can also check your computer’s website or your network card manufacturer’s website for the latest Windows 10 drivers for your network card model, and then install them by following the instructions on the website.

Energy management control

Your computer can automatically turn off its WiFi adapter to save power. Since this energy saving function seems to interfere with your WiFi network, you can disable it.

  • Open the Device Manager again using Windows + X,
  • Development of network adapters,
  • Right-click on the installed network adapter and select Properties,
  • Select the Power Management tab
  • Delete the Allow computer to turn off this device to save power.
  • Click OK and close the Device Manager.

Enabling the computer to turn off this device to save energy

TCP/IP Reset to standard

And the ultimate solution is to reset the TCP/IP configuration to the default settings.

Open a command prompt as administrator and then execute the following commands in sequence.

  • winsock reset grid
  • grate int ipv4 reset
  • ip configuration / release
  • ipconfig / update
  • ipconfig /flushdns

order to reset the winter sock

Restart Windows after executing all these commands and see if this solves the problem.

Have these solutions solved the problem of disconnecting WiFi from Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below, also read :

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