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Since its introduction in 2016, the TikTok has experienced an incredible explosion. Like other user applications, it fulfilled its primary function – it functioned as a video sharing platform, but in its current form it was considered a niche by companies. TikTok has taken important business steps, as have other social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook.

The company consists of three important things: Sell, buy and make a profit. Before you consider doing business on TikTok, you need to understand your potential customers. This means that you need to know the target group of the request. TikTok has a strong youth focus, which means that your company needs to focus on the immediate needs of young people. It is safe to say that the audience is in the age group of 15 to 26 years.

This article tells you about three ways to use your influence (your many followers) on TikTok to achieve business goals. Here’s the thing:

  1. affiliate marketing
  2. TickTock displays
  3. The challenges of Hashtag
  4. affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows the user of TikTok (in this case – the marketer) to use his data and create a market for the company’s product in exchange for commissions on sales or profits.

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A new clothing line was recently opened. If you are a big fan, you can contact the shop owners and ask them to get in touch with their audience and show them that they are potential buyers.

Once you have an agreement with the company, use their clothes to make your short funny, inspiring or exciting videos. Mention in the title of the 9 to 15 second video that you are promoting the company. This way you invite your viewers to become customers of the clothing line. It has worked on other social media platforms and will certainly also work on TikTok.

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TickTock declarations

This is perhaps the most obvious way for TikTok to open its arms to companies to promote its products. For $50 to $500 you can start your ad. The organisation of TikTok advertisements looks like this: from advertisements to ad groups and campaigns. You can reach a large audience worldwide. The following points summarise the presentation of the TikTok advertisement:

  • For campaigns, set goals and budgets, then add groups and promote them.
  • For groups of advertisers, you define specific information about how your ad is placed, the target audience and other details.
  • Once the two previous settings have been configured correctly, you can start creating one or more advertisements. Advertising is what makes it possible to sell the product(s) and thus promote the company.

Hash problems

At some point on TikTok there is usually a complex pattern. These challenges bring millions of TikTok users around the world together. What does paying attention to business challenges mean? Companies can take advantage of the benefits of competition and sell their products through it. They can also create their own challenge. Recently a problem arose when TikTok users mixed coke (soda) and Mentos to see if the mixture was explosive. How much do you think Coca-Cola and Mentos made? This example only shows that companies can grow by #problems.

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You always have to remember this: Be creative and have fun every time you get the chance to make a TikTok video. People don’t really touch the TikTok applications to look for the latest shoes, watches or ties. You can do this when purchasing applications. TikTok users go there mainly to laugh or to experience other kinds of emotions such as love and excitement. Build your content around it. Make sure people enjoy buying this product or viewing the ads.

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