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Overwatch is one of the most popular multiplayer shooter teams. But the game is quite demanding in terms of the speed of your network. It’s also a graphically intense game that tests the limits of your GPU.

There are particularly times when you are faced with problems such as staff cuts or delays in intake. Something that can be very annoying for a professional player. However, these problems could have been avoided if a few simple methods and instructions had been followed. The most obvious is the Overwatch option, which allows you to reduce buffering.

Understanding Sentinel Buffer Reduction

Everyone wants a smooth game, without delay and without image loss. And that’s why we have the buffer. Buffering allows certain images to be stored in memory before they are displayed on the monitor.

However, when a lot of buffers are used, some people have to deal with delays in entering the site. To prevent this, you can enable the reduced buffer option, which can be found under Monitoring.

But what reduces control buffering? Well, the main goal is to reduce the input protocol. Simply put, it reduces the number of pre-digitized graphics, allowing players to enjoy a smoother gaming experience. Especially if your FPS exceeds the maximum monitor refresh rate, you need to enable the buffer reduction.

Insight into triple buffering of monitoring

Overwatch also uses triple buffering to optimize graphics and handle screen failures. But what does it all mean? Simply put: In the case of triple buffering, a third image is inserted after the first two images. It makes it possible to smooth out the contents.

However, keep in mind that triple buffering can increase the load on your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

So, whether or not we allow triple buffering, the answer is simple. Yeah, if you need triple-buffered equipment, you absolutely must use it.

Other ways to reduce the connection times and FOD problems you encounter during monitoring.

If for some reason there are still display problems after trying the above options, you need to dig deeper. Below are some of the other standard methods for resolving connection delays and SFP problems.

1 Restart the game and the computer:

Sometimes when playing Overwatch, other programs may run in the background, causing your computer’s memory to swell. It also affects the FPS games. In some cases this solves the connection problems.

2 Check your internet connection

Poor internet connection also affects the game and can lead to input delays and FPS problems. So check your internet connection to make sure everything works as expected.

3 Checking system requirements

There are cases where people play intensive graphical games on a system that does not have the necessary hardware configuration. This leads to many problems relating to delays, mismatch and the decline of the FPS. So make sure your system meets the requirements of the game.

4 Graphic Driver Update

An outdated graphics driver can cause various problems such as FPS, stuttering and input delay. Sometimes there may also be an unexpected failure in the game due to an outdated graphics card. It is therefore advisable to update your graphics card with the latest version for better gaming performance.

5 Decrease resolution in video settings

Sometimes your system may not be able to handle the highest graphics settings, which can affect game performance. To solve this problem, it is necessary to reduce video resolution and adjust the properties of dynamic reflections, triple buffering, etc.

6 Set the display scale to 75%

Reducing the rendering scale to 75% will help you improve your gaming experience as your system cannot handle 100% rendering. If you have problems, try lowering the rendering rate to see if it improves your experience.

7 Make sure no heavy background applications are running

If you have more than one application open, it usually runs in the background and takes up the memory. Hence the congestion of RAM, which directly affects the efficiency of gaming activities. Before playing Overwatch or any other game, make sure that no (particularly heavy) applications are running in the background.

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