Download Google Camera for Motorola Devices (All) [Latest APK]

Download Google Camera for Motorola Devices (All) [Latest APK]

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Pixel 3, 3 XL and Pixel 4 come as standard with a brand new camera application that is one of the best in all respects. Since Motorola aka Moto G Series devices now work with Android Pie 9.0, the latest version of GCam can be installed on these devices. The Google Camera application has been updated with the latest version (6.1, 6.2, 7.3 and 8.0). And the developers have started porting the Pixel 3 GCam mod to phones. So you can download Google Camera for Motorola devices [for all Moto phones] here.

Last update on 30/12/2020 at 20h30 IST : Added Google Camera for Moto One Zoom (Pro), Moto G8 Plus, One Power, GCam 6.2 for Moto G6 Plus, G7 Power, G8 Plus, GCam 7.4 for Moto G9, G 5G, G Stylus and a list of the best compatible Gcam 6.1 for Motorola devices.

The new Google Camera 6.1 apk is now available for Moto G5, G5 Plus, Moto G5S, G5S Plus, Moto G6 Plus, Moto One Power, Moto X and Z. The most anticipated feature of the Google Camera application is its night vision mode and fortunately it works perfectly on Moto G5 cameras. All this thanks to San1ty, who has ported the Pixel 3 photo application to Motorola smartphones. So here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading and installing Google Camera for Moto G4, G4 Plus, G5, G5 Plus, G5S, Moto G5S Plus and Moto G6 Plus.

Pay attention: The new Gcam Mod 6.1 for Pixel 3 (XL) is available for Moto devices with Android Oreo or Android Pie 9.0. If you haven’t yet updated to Android Oreo or Pie, you can also view previous updates in our feature articles.

Google Camera – Features

The implementation of software makes everything possible, even in the case of the Pixel 3 (XL), which can take beautiful photos with a single lens. And Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes images even more realistic. Night vision is one of the most important updates for Google Camera 6.1 and most other camera functions on Pixel 3. For example, spherical photography, slow motion, playground (AR sticker), RAW format support, HDR+ mode, panorama, lens blur, portrait mode (with focus slider), Google Lens mode and more.

Before downloading Gcam Mod 6.1 please read our detailed Google Camera guide with features and instructions.

Google Camera Download for Moto G5S Plus, G6 Plus, G4/G4 Plus, G7, G8 and Moto One phones.

All Moto G Series phones have received the Android Cake update, including Cake on the Moto G6 Plus, Oreo on the G5, G5+, G5S and G5S+. As well as the recently released Oreo (Soak Test) OTA for G4/G4 Plus engines. And recently launched devices already work on Android Pie. So you can download the port of the GCam mod and install it on your smartphone. We mention below the GCam for the Moto G-series phones (G5, G6, G7 and G8) and the Moto One-series phones (with Moto One Power and Moto One Zoom). Here are the download links.

Download Google Camera for Moto G Series phones:

Download Google Camera for Moto One Series phones:

Recommended settings:

If you encounter errors, such as crashes or delays, we recommend that you change these settings.

For G4/G5 GCam Motorcycle

  1. Go to Camera application settings > BSG mode settings > FIX > set the black front camera to 16 (restart the application).
  2. For Green Tint FIX in front camera mode, go to Settings > BSG Mod Settings > Green Tint FIX > Green Tint on front camera (restart the application).
  3. Slow motion FIX : Settings > Advanced > Correct camera API2 > Turn off slow motion video
  4. Moto One Power: Switch to FIX mode for video recording with the front camera, go to Camera Settings > Front and Rear > Set the video recording quality to 720p.

For Moto G7 Plus GCam

  1. Download the configuration settings that save the recommended settings.
  2. After downloading, you can unpack it in the root folder using the ES file explorer.
  3. Create a new folder named GCam in the root folder, then open the GCam folder and create the Configs folder.
  4. Then copy the configuration file (motog7psett.xml) to the /Internal Storage/GCam/Configs/ folder.
  5. Open Google Camera and tap the empty black space next to the shutter button twice.
  6. Tap the displayed settings (using motog7psett.xml) available in the pop-up window and click the Restore button.
  7. Go back to the application drawer and open the application again.

Developers are still working on this comprehensive GCam application to make it more stable and improve features such as night vision. If you notice an anomaly or problem, you can try these settings. However, you can solve this night vision problem with the Kernel Adiutor, which only works if your phone is rooted.

Night vision correction with Moto G5 Plus [basic] core analysis tool:

  1. First install Gcam (the above applications).
  2. Install the adiutor kernel from the Play Store
  3. Open the application, click on Low Memory Killer.
  4. Set the values:
    • Applications in the foreground – 20 MB
    • Visible applications – 40 MB
    • Secondary server – 80 MB
    • Hidden applications – 100 MB
    • Content Providers – 178 MB
    • Empty applications – 200 MB
  5. Open the application settings and apply them if there is a load delay of up to 5.
  6. Here’s how.

Maybe you need these guides:

Pay attention: Before installing a new application supported by Gcam Mod, you must uninstall the old version (if you have installed it).

To install a Google camera on Motoroladevices

  1. First download the corresponding application for your smartphone (via the links in the download section).
  2. Then install the Google Camera MOTCH. (You can also find the downloaded application in the file explorer) Google Camera APK
  3. Open the application and, for example, grant the necessary permits. B. for camera, microphone, memory and slot.
  4. Here’s how.

So capture the beautiful moments of your life with Google Camera on your Moto smartphone.

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Do you have any questions? Check out the frequently asked questions!

What is a Google Camera?

Google Camera is a mobile application that lets you take great photos directly from your smartphone. This is only possible with certain software implementations that use artificial intelligence to make photos more realistic.

Is the Camera2 API enabled on Motorola devices?

Yes, almost all Motorola smartphones are compatible with the Camera2 API, which allows you to install the Google Camera application.

What is the most compatible GCam for Motorola devices?

The MGC_6.1.021_Potter_v7.1_san1ty.apk port works perfectly with Motorola smartphones. It supports all functions of the Pixel 3 application, such as night mode, photosphere, AR sticker, portrait mode and other functions.

Does the Google Night Vision Camera work with the Moto One Power or Moto One Zoom?

Yes, the latest GCam 6.1 port works well on Motorola One Power and other Motorola devices.

If you have a bug, please leave a comment in the comment section below. Share this article with your friends.

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