6 Best Cheap Server Racks For in 2020

Are you planning on owning a server? Well, the servers have proven to be very popular with gamers, graphic designers, video editors and IT specialists.

With a good server, you can play and work without having to worry about delays, downtime and performance.

Once you plan to install your server(s) on site, you need to invest in the best and cheapest server rack. A good server rack helps you organize space, provide convenient service, increase security and give space to grow.

Now that you only need one cheap server rack for personal use, we keep a list of six racks that should be enough for you.

What you need to know about the server rack

Strong and powerful, with plenty of space.

Robust rack for the storage of your servers.

Durable and affordable server rack for your home.


What you need to know about the server rack

Strong and powerful, with plenty of space.


Open Frame ECHOGEAR 15U - Robust 4-leg design for all your network servers and AV transmitters - Includes 2 ventilation racks and is a wall unit

What you need to know about the server rack

Robust rack for the storage of your servers.


StarTech.com 6U Network equipment bracket for wall mounting - 14 deep - 19 deep

What you need to know about the server rack

Durable and affordable server rack for your home.

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What are the best cheap server racks for your home?

Here you will find the 6 best server shelves at a glance

➕ For

  • Large Hall
  • Well done, well done.
  • Can be adjusted and moved

➖ Disadvantages

  • The price is not very favourable.

Dimensions: 80 x 12 x 6 inch

It is sometimes useful to use a large open server rack, especially if you have a lot of network hardware. In this case, you should choose the NavePoint 42U 4 drive computer network relay rack.

One of the characteristics of this server rack is its versatility. Its length allows you to install servers and switches of different sizes, leaving more than enough room to grow.

Unlike most low-cost server racks, NavePoint allows you to adjust the rack depth in 1.5-inch increments. The minimum depth of the bracket is 17 inches and the maximum depth is 32.5 inches.

As you’d expect, the NavePoint Open Frame Server Rack is solidly built. It is made of high-strength cold rolled steel, which guarantees its durability and gives it a first-class utility. He also weighs a total of 881 pounds.

Although this rack is high, the numbered mounting positions make it easy to install 19-inch units in a rack.

Mounting a NavePoint mount is easy, even when delivered flat. You should be able to install it in an hour or two.

Another important feature we value in the NavePoint Rack are the swivel castors. You can still easily move this heavy rack, especially if you need access to the rear cables. Usually the best and cheapest server rack for home use.

➕ For

  • Large format
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up

➖ Disadvantages

  • The Dell server is not included.

Dimensions: 26.25 inches high and 514.06 mm deep.

The Echo rack is an open frame rack, which means that it offers unlimited airflow to cool your servers. If you need to work on your servers, you can easily access them because there is no cage around your servers.

The 15U fishfinder is not only an open frame, but can also carry up to 600 pounds. The skeleton is compatible with other echoskeletons, so you can stack them on top of each other. You can stack 15H and 15H, 15H and 20H or 20H and 20H.

It comes with two ventilated shelves, 4 levelling feet and 25 fixing screws. Because the stand comes with adjustable feet, it can be placed on a surface or fixed to the wall with 25 fixing screws.

The installation process is a 3-step process, which is described in detail on the official website and in the Echogear manual. If you have problems with the installation or use of a rack, you can always contact support. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

➕ For

  • Affordable
  • Solid server rack
  • Customizable
  • Robust construction

➖ Disadvantages

  • Assembly instructions are not clear

Dimensions: 25.39 x 14.76 x 6.1 inch

StarTech.com’s Open Frame 12U server rack is another device that can power your boat, especially if you’re looking for something solid. You can install multiple routers, servers and other network devices in this rack.

StarTech has designed this affordable rack to be versatile. The installation depth is adjustable, which means you can adjust the storage space to suit your needs. You get a minimum depth of 22 inches and a maximum depth of 40 inches.

In terms of usability, this open-frame server rack is not disappointing. We say this because the depth and radius unit markings are easy to read. This marking is intended to facilitate the installation of network devices.

This server stand comes with four wheels, hooks for cable management and adjustable feet. All these accessories are designed to simplify installation. If you prefer to mount your unit on the floor, StarTech 12U comes with a pre-drilled base for this purpose.

StarTech server racks are known for their durability, and this is no exception. It is made of cold rolled steel and can carry loads up to 1,200 lbs.

➕ For

  • Well built.
  • Supplied fully assembled

➖ Disadvantages

  • No vertical mounting rails at the rear

Dimensions: 14.5 x 23.63 x 17.5 inches

The unit comes fully assembled and can carry a load of 200 pounds. Your only task is to install it on the wall and install the network switches, as they come fully assembled. It has a closed frame, which is ventilated on all six sides. This ensures sufficient ventilation to keep the appliances cool.

The closed frame also provides protection against theft and burglary. You can mount it or make it mobile with the SRCASTER wheel set.

In general, if you need a server rack with a lot of space. Then this is the best cheap server rack you can get.

➕ For

  • Well built server rack
  • Well, if you prefer a closed server rack.
  • Supplied fully assembled

Dimensions: 17.72 x 23.62 x 16.7 inches

If you feel that the open frame serverrack is not for you, the serverrack cabinet can cut it out for you. A good cabinet like the V7 RMWC6U-1N 6U should give you a sense of security because you can lock all your equipment in one place.

This shelving cabinet is equipped with ventilated doors and side panels to guarantee a good ventilation for all your network equipment. You may choose a glass door for aesthetic reasons, but there will not be many ventilation openings.

Mounting the devices on this server rack should be relatively easy, because the U-shaped positions and the square holes are marked for the direction.

Unlike most inexpensive server cabinets, the V7 RMWC6U-1N can be mounted on a wall or placed under a desk. Fortunately, it is equipped with four swivel castors that should make it easy to move.

Finally, this server cabinet is delivered fully assembled; all you have to do is place it in the right place for you. One of the cheapest closed server racks in the house.

➕ For

  • Affordable
  • It’s okay if space is at stake.
  • Well done, well done.

Dimensions: 19.6 x 10.7 x 12 inches

StartTech.com’s 6U server rack is the ideal solution for spaces where space is limited. This should give you a cheap server rack if you are just starting out and want something you can mount on the wall. This network equipment stand is compact enough to fit in an office cupboard. Isn’t it great?

As you can imagine, this device is of solid construction. It is made of cold rolled steel, which means you can be confident that your network devices are protected. If your server room is in difficult conditions, this stand will do well thanks to its sturdy steel construction.

If you want to install thin 19-inch units or patch panels on the wall, the 6U rack from StarTech.com is the ideal solution. This device has sufficient depth for various network devices and leaves enough space for cooling. The 14-inch depth allows easy cable routing.

The installation of this rack server should be an easy prey for everyone. We’re talking about it because there are holes pre-drilled every 16 centimetres.

The mounting holes make it easy to attach the device. In addition, the package comes with screws, washers and cage bolts, which means you don’t have to search for a source to mount the unit.

In the box you will also find the one-page instructions for use. This should help you understand how to install and place your network equipment on this rack.

Finally, Startech.com offers a lifetime warranty on this wall mounting. They also provide technical support throughout the life of the unit.

Copper guide for server cabinets

Before you find out about this display, you need to know the correct size for your equipment. Dimensions are generally measured in a rack and the height of a rack is 1.75 inches.

As you may have noticed with the above products, some are marked with 6U, others with 15U, etc. These numbers correspond to the size.

So, if you have 6 2U servers, you can get a 12U rack to host your servers. However, for your patch panel, UPS backup battery and future expansions you will need a larger rack, preferably 14U or 15U.

include additional considerations:

Server rack allocation

Why do you need a server rack? Are you trying to save space or provide better ventilation?

If you want to save space, you may need a shelf on which you can stack several planks. The racks must also be very strong and capable of carrying heavy loads.

If you need security, you need a closed frame, not an open frame. If you want better ventilation, take an open frame.

There are many reasons why you want a shelf; make sure that what you get can be used for something.

Server rack size and type

Size was discussed earlier, so this part will focus more on the type. The server racks are divided into open and closed racks compared to closed racks, as well as 2-star and 4-star racks.

The open frame bracket has an open design that allows easy adjustment. It also offers the best airflow, but not the safest. Closed frames provide greater security by restricting access to the equipment.

You also need to know whether you want a frame with 2 or 4 columns. The former is best suited for small server rooms or where light equipment needs to be installed.

4 posts means you have four vertical beams for installing heavy equipment.

Can it be cooled properly?

Cooling is essential for optimum performance, preventing downtime and damage to equipment due to overheating. As mentioned above, open frames ensure better air circulation in your equipment. However, an open design means that you have problems directing airflow to specific areas.

If you choose a closed frame, check whether it has a solid or screen door. Solid doors will restrict the airflow, while shielded doors will allow airflow. Also bear in mind that modern server rooms need extra cooling in addition to heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

That’s why you need a rack with compact features such as integrated ducts for better airflow and cable management.

Also consider the purchase of shelving accessories such as cupboard fans, fans, etc.

Parameters and mounting locations

Are you going to mount your rack on the wall or would you rather have a network rack on the floor? These are more suitable for businesses or shops, while wall racks are designed for small businesses and individuals.

A dedicated server room always has a preference for better sound management. However, if you cannot afford it, you will have to choose a place where the air is lighter and the noise quieter.


It is easy to spend more than necessary on server racks, especially given future growth. This may seem like a good idea, but you may want to cover your immediate needs and consider short-term growth.

And if you don’t want to take advantage of all the features of high-end shelves, you can buy low-cost brands and upgrade them later when you need them.

Electronic devices require maintenance and troubleshooting. To reduce the hassle, try to get your components from the same manufacturer. This makes it easier to solve problems because the solutions are all under one roof.

Another expensive aspect is the cooling, and although the air conditioning is good, it is not enough. The server hardware you add to the rack generates heat, so you need to take cooling costs into account. Air conditioning is cheap, but not enough.

The server’s cooling fans must not be interrupted if you are using more than one piece of hardware. Your only alternative is to invest in special cooling and regular cleaning to increase operational efficiency.

Final reflection

Server racks are needed for cable management, reducing clutter, improving the health of network devices, security and more.

A good server rack increases the performance of the server, provides room for growth and facilitates maintenance. If this means you have to spend more money to get a server rack with the features you need, then do it.

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